New Portable & Modular Buildings

Cotacabin have the capability, experience and facilities to manufacture a full range of new portable and modular buildings to your exact specification.

We can offer a complete design, build and installation service including all preparatory works – groundworks, site preparation, etc – to ensure your building is designed, manufactured, delivered, sited and installed trouble-free.

All Cotacabin new portable and modular buildings are sold with comprehensive guarantees covering structure, electrical dry test & water test.

The main stages of construction

  • Design and agree size, layout and specification with customer
  • Bolt together main steel frame – galvanised floor beams, galvanised roof beams and 4 corner posts c/w M30Ø lifting points
  • Insulate floor and roof areas with 150mm Rockwool on nylon netting
  • Over board floor with 19mm structural plywood
  • Overlay roof with 12mm structural plywood
  • Apply roof glassfibre/acrylic membrane
  • Construct and fix 100mm x 50mm stud CLS wall frames
  • Over board exterior with 9mm WBP plywood
  • Skin over exterior with 0.3mm plastisol steel panels with colour to suit
  • Fit all joint trims and bottom/top corner trims
  • Cut out and fit uPVC windows (manufactured to any size)
  • Cut out and fit steel multilock doors
  • Insulate walls with vapour barrier and 100mm Rockwool
  • Fix 12.5mm white vinyl plaster finish plaster board and fit all uPVC joint, floor trims, etc
  • Surface mount in YT4 all electrical components and test
  • Fit floor covering and clean unit

Availability & Cost

Project cost and construction time are obviously dependant on the size and complexity of the project. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We welcome any purchaser to visit our site for inspection prior to delivery.